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Perfect Blackjack Bonuses: New NetEnt Game Out Now

It’s very rare that we get this excited, but since we learned that software provider giant Net Entertainment was due to release Perfect Blackjack last February, we have been itching to give it a go.

Supplying the best UK live casinos with top-notch live dealer games, including live Blackjack and live Roulette, NetEnt has been shaking up the online casino industry with digital solutions that offer an epic player experience. Although Perfect Blackjack is already available at one casino, it is now officially available to NetEnt’s network of online casinos.

Perfect Blackjack Casinos

What is Perfect Blackjack?

This brand-new UK live casino game allows players to be dealt cards according to the perfect blackjack strategy, which essentially cuts down the house edge down to a massive 0.5%, thus delivering a legendary RTP of 99.5%.

Perfect Blackjack further injects an element of speed to the game. As you might be aware, many live casino games can stall, especially when you wait for other players to make decisions or waiting for bets to be placed. On the contrary, Perfect Blackjack automatically deals cards according to the perfect Blackjack Strategy.

How does Perfect Blackjack work?

Since the game is multi-seat, players will be able to pre-select whether they want to auto-split or double down according to the blackjack strategy.

Since there is the fantastic addition of multi-seat and multiple players per box, the game gives players additional flexibility as well as scalability since; players can opt to auto-play hands, sit out games or else, re-join when they feel the time is right.

The game of Perfect Blackjack is played with eight decks of cards which are drawn out manually by the croupier from a manual dealing shoe. The game is based on European Blackjack, where the dealer takes the second card only after the players have completed theirs.

There are only three player positions where an unlimited number of players can play. Additionally, you can avail yourself of two side bets: Perfect Pairs and 21+3.

Once you have placed your bets, there will be no further interaction required from you. The dealer will thus complete each hand according to perfect basic strategy.

The game kicks off once players have placed a bet with the option to select whether you want to auto split or double down. Once the betting has closed, the dealer deals out cards to each hand. The dealer will then complete each hand following the basic blackjack strategy.

If you succeed in winning, you are paid out 1:1 or 3:2 for a blackjack.

Why are Perfect Blackjack Casinos intriguing?

If you are not sure how to play the game of Blackjack, Perfect Blackjack might be the ideal game for you, since there is no decision-making from your part. That being said, if you love Blackjack and like to make your own decisions, Perfect Blackjack might not be the ideal game for you.

Since the dealer does all the work for you according to the perfect blackjack strategy, the entertainment value might lack, since you are just sitting back and watching the game. That being said, with an RTP of 99.5%, it might be too tempting to resist for live casino players.

Keep in mind that you won’t be able to Hit or Stand in the game of Perfect Blackjack. You only need to place the bets and let the croupier do all the rest.

In short, if you are an experienced player, this won’t be the ideal game for you. Experienced players love being involved in the game and making their own decisions. Newcomers to the game might thoroughly enjoy this since they won’t be making any wrong steps and lose their bankroll in one go.

However, whether you are an experienced or a beginner, the game is played out at a faster pace which might be interesting, for those who like to get on with it and not wait around. With plenty of speed and no interaction, some players might want to give this game a shot.

Keep in mind that when combined with a welcome bonus, it can be a great game to achieve wins. It even has low bet limits for new players and the opportunity to make a couple of side bets.

When Perfect Blackjack isn’t for you

Perfect Blackjack isn’t for everyone. If you want to interact with the game, you might be better off playing any other blackjack game, that allows you to make decisions and chat with other players. If you are a beginner and looking to get started, we suggest you read our Rules of Blackjack Guide and use our Blackjack Strategy Chart as guidance on how to make the best possible decision.

As always when it comes to online gambling, have a bankroll management strategy in place, so you don’t lose your bankroll in one go if you hit a losing streak. If you want to start with a bigger bankroll, you can easily claim a live casino bonus or even a live blackjack bonus.

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