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Why Cant I Withdraw My Winnings?

Many people claim they are solely playing at online casinos for the fun of it, but secretly everybody wants to win, and come home with a big profit to spend on whatever they want. As you watch your bankroll grow, you imagine what you are going to do with the cash once it’s in your own bank account. When you are ready to withdraw, you might run into a few hurdles, however, so let’s look at a few reasons why this could be.

You Have Not Wagered the Money

One possible reason as to why you are not able to withdraw is that you activated a bonus when you deposited, and you haven’t wagered this extra amount of money the agreed number of times, as detailed in the small print. Most promotions have wagering requirements, so if a withdrawal is not processing on your account, check on the bonus page to see if you still have one active, or contact support if you are not sure on this.

Your Account Has Not Been Verified

It is the legal responsibility of online casinos to ensure that the identity of all players is confirmed. This will involve you sending in the photographic identification, plus proof of address, both of which have to match the details on the account. Online casinos have to ensure that the site is not being used for money laundering or any other illegal activities, which is why verifying the identities of players is a must. Some casino sites will prompt you to send in identification when you immediately sign up, but some will not ask you until it’s time for you to withdraw funds. There will usually be an email address to send scans of your documents, or in some instances, you can even do this via the live chat option.

The Withdrawal Method Isn’t Possible

Most new UK online casinos will have a more extensive selection of deposit methods, than what they do withdrawal methods. If you are trying to withdraw via an option that just isn’t possible, this will result in the funds not leaving your casino wallet. Make sure that you have selected a withdrawal method that is offered, in regards to the site in question. If you have any queries on this, just get in touch with support, and they should be happy to help.

The Withdrawal Amount Is Too Small

There will always be a minimum amount that you can withdraw, and you could be entering an amount that is below this threshold. For most casinos, the minimum withdrawal will be £10.00. Build your bankroll by playing fun games and then once you have extra cash, you can try withdrawing again.

There Are Responsible Gaming Measures in Place

If you have previously set up limits on your account, this could be stopping you from withdrawing. All casinos must have responsible gaming measures in place to help problem gamblers or those who just want to prevent themselves from getting carried away. The UK Gambling Commission has the highest standards to protect players. If you are not able to make a withdrawal, check if you have set up any limits, and also how long these have left to go. You can contact support to see if there is anything you can do to get your hands on your cash quicker.


There you are, these are some of the reasons why you might not be able to withdraw your money from online casinos. Figure out what the problem is, hang onto your bankroll, and it should be sorted out in no time at all if you follow the steps as mentioned earlier.