About GambleGenie

GambleGenie launched back in September 2018 with the mission to deliver accurate and honest reviews of Online Casinos in the fastest and most accessible manner possible.

The site is operated by Jocy, a Swedish Software Studio based in Stockholm with a long background of building awesome web stuff.

How We Think

To achieve such a bold mission statement, we have to make a lot of conscious choices that you are experiencing at this very moment reading this.

For starters, accessibility is something we take very seriously. This means thinking carefully on how to combine colours and choosing font sizes so that the site is easy to use for anyone even someone with colour blindness or someone using screen readers.

Furthermore, we want the user experience to be flawless and the page to be as fast and easy to use so that you don't need the latest and greatest in terms of technology to have a great experience.

And lastly content. We take pride in reviewing all the casinos that we have on our site and delivering long and detailed reviews. We strive to keep quality over quantity and therefore say no to a lot of offers from casinos for promoting them on our site.

Since the business model in the online casino affiliate industry is based on a revenue share model between affiliates such as ourselves and the providers (casinos), we do promote certain casinos more favourably depending on the relationship we have with them at a specific point in time. However, in terms of reviews and rating, we are unbiased and will always give you our honest opinion.


Who We Are

The team behind GambleGenie consists of a diverse group of developers, creators and slot-maniacs.

With a long background from the Casino world with parts of the team working and living in the European gambling mecca Malta, we sure know what we are talking about when it comes to Casino and Gambling reviews.


We love to hear from our readers and fellow gamblers.

So if you have any suggestions or opinions on how we rank casinos, their ratings or have any other thoughts or ideas dont be a stranger, give us a shout.

You reach us through or Facebook or via email at [email protected].