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New Casinos


Bored with the same old, same old?

We understand! Using the same online casino week-in, week-out can start to lose its appeal!

So, if you're looking for something different, The Genie has put together a short and sweet list of the top recommended new casinos in the UK right now.

The last few years have undoubtedly witnessed a technological advancement explosion, culminating in the new crop of online casinos in the UK, and other parts of the world.

While some of these new casinos are owned and operated by well-established brands, others are run by obscure operators in the industry. Yes, not every new online casino is trustworthy, but not every new online casino is terrible either. Don't be surprised to find dozens of new casino sites with incredible bonus offers, game selection, safety and security, and customer support.

This guide is a one-stop information source for casino players who are particularly interested in new casino sites. What a worth-reading piece!

Best New Casinos

Why Play at a New Online Casino 2020?

While many people like staying in their comfort zone, changing every once in a while could be refreshing. This is true with online gambling, where you will find many players sticking to a single casino site, despite dozens of perks that come with others. Site familiarity usually carries the day, just because dealing with uncertainty proves to be too difficult for many players, especially when trying to enjoy casino games. As mentioned in the introduction, not every new site deserves a snub. After all, even the most reputable gaming sites in the UK were once new platforms.

Some gamblers get bored with playing the same games day in day out. The situation is undoubtedly even further complicated, by the fact that they do this on the same site. To such players, nothing can be as refreshing as a change of scenery. Typically, new online casinos in the UK come with popular games but with a unique twist, in terms of in-game rewards, graphics, and other goodies.

A majority of players jam new casino sites mainly because of generous casino bonuses; that's not a surprise. After all, no one can refuse free money, and new casino operators tend to throw substantial bonus offers at players. Of course, when you're just new in the market, you need a real game-changer to compete with household names. Considerable bonus perks translate into extended, risk-free gameplay, which makes new casinos a go-to for many UK players, both seasoned and beginners.

Almost every new casino site operating in the UK has been intentionally built with HTML5 technology to capture mobile players. Whether you have a PC or smartphone, you don't need to register twice to any new site, as you can use the same logins for both mobile and desktop platforms. Although some older names have already upgraded their platforms to HTML5, a good number of them have been slow. Hence, a new casino site can be an excellent choice for lovers of mobile gaming.

New Casino Bonuses

Casinos in the UK are known to offer impressive bonuses to keep players coming back and playing, and new casino sites are no different when it comes to this. To compete favourably with already established casinos, the new sites tend to offer even more impressive bonuses, with a wide range of better deals for players to choose from. As with any casino, welcome bonuses are the most common offers at new casino sites. However, these packages are not enough to satisfy players, and that's why you will find many new UK online casinos offering additional perks, including VIP treats and reload rewards.

Since the new sites are looking to establish a name, their wagering requirements are also generally easier to meet. But this does not mean that you shouldn't do your research. Some new casinos may have up to 40x or even 50x wagering requirements. You'll not want to go for such sites unless you want to pass on any bonuses. But also such high wagering requirements should serve as a warning.

New Casino No Deposit Bonus

This is a no deposit bonus offered by new casino sites. It allows players to try out certain games on the new sites without spending a penny. Obviously, there are rules attached to new casino no deposit bonuses, and they often take the form of wagering requirements and time restrictions.

Because the online casino industry in the UK wants to get hold of mobile players, these bonuses can be claimed on mobile devices as well and are sometimes even more lucrative.

New Casino Free Spins

Free spins bonuses are widespread in the UK's iGaming industry. While free spins accompany match deposit bonuses, they are offered as stand-alone bonuses in some cases. Free spins are a way for new casinos to attract customers, and since the casinos are looking to gain a more competitive edge over their older counterparts, their free spins tend to be more attractive.

Be sure to check the details of any free spins, including any bonus codes and wagering requirements. Having this information on your mind will only ensure that you sail smoothly from start to finish.

New Mobile Casinos

No hand-held device is as popular as smartphones and tablets, and it is not hard to understand why they are that popular. With practical tablets and powerful smartphones in the hands of the UK population, you can rightly guess that the largest segment of casino players prefer playing on these. To meet the ever-growing demand for mobile casino platforms, almost every new casino is mobile-friendly. To put it another way, any new online casino site operating in the UK without a mobile platform would be on death row, no matter how extensive the game library, or how impressive the bonus offers may be.

With the mobile trend continuing to rule the internet casino market, UK players, like players from other regions of the world, benefit from an array of genuinely first-class new casino sites which are highly responsive to load on both desktop and mobile gadgets. With many new casinos coming with specialised apps, online casino gaming has hit new heights. The apps come with more attractive graphics and interface, and their game selection is not limited either.

New Slot Sites

Since the era of one arm bandits, slot machines have come a long way. Even those individuals who consider themselves not technologically savvy can be able to tell the extent to which technology has advanced, allowing us to visit any slot site, at any time, to play games. It is this incredible technological advancement which has seen many new slot sites in the UK popping up every day, giving casino enthusiasts the chance to play the slot they want. Slots are the most played casino games, and they come with an array of exciting themes. With some slots attached to jackpots, players can take home a colossal sum of money in winnings.

Although many of new slots sites come with better game quality than the existing ones, it is essential to survey these sites, as some of them don't deliver what they promise. So, don't be quick to trust any new slots site with your hard-earned money, until you're sure about it. You may wish to check out the reviews given by players or expert site reviewers to find out what the new slots site is up to. When doing your homework, look at things such as licensing, game selection, payment options, and bonuses, (the bonus offers should be realistic). A majority of slots sites also offer other casino games, to ensure that players don't have to look for these games elsewhere when they require a change of action.

New NetEnt Casinos

NetEnt is one of the biggest gaming software companies in the world, supplying hundreds of games to dozens of online casinos. With its games being a hotcake for many casino gamblers across the UK, you could tell why new NetEnt casinos have always been trending in the region. Since new online casinos are seeking to establish a name in the UK's iGaming market, it is only natural that they do things in a better way to pull gamblers to their side. As such, we can claim, with absolute certainty, that the best of the NetEnt casinos in the UK are the newest ones.

NetEnt's latest casinos come with many enticing deals and features which have never been in the UK market before. Although the majority of the old NetEnt casino sites boast sufficient game collections and other features for players to enjoy, the latest NetEnt casinos come with dozens of exciting promotions, not to mention their latest technological solutions. Thanks to this improved technology, NetEnt has always created more complex games with advanced visuals and graphics to behold.

This year (2020), UK casino players will undoubtedly be able to enjoy the latest goodies offered by new NetEnt casinos. Whether promotional resources or gaming products are the main pull factor, the stubborn truth is, that new NetEnt casinos have something worthwhile for every casino player. However, not every new online casino which comes in the name of NetEnt is trustworthy. The influx of new NetEnt casinos has been a blessing to the industry, but it has brought pitfalls too, (though only a few). Some new platforms have been reported to be offering unfair gaming, a scenario that has been on the rise since online gambling existed. As a rule of thumb, don't just dive into any new NetEnt casino blindly. Some casinos may come in the name of NetEnt, only to siphon all your bankroll; it pays to be careful about such sites.

New Microgaming Casinos

Without the slightest doubt, Microgaming is the largest casino software provider. Having been in operation for about two decades, the company is on top of the charts in terms of reliability, high-quality games, and other things which casinos look for in a casino software provider. The company offers hundreds of casino games, and it releases dozens of new games every year.

Although household Microgaming casinos are a delight to play, playing new Microgaming casinos could even be more exciting. With novelty and excitement playing a more significant role in attracting players to the internet casinos, many new casinos tend to come with better versions of these features. Visit any new Microgaming casino in the UK, and you will find more appealing bonuses and other treats. One good thing with Microgaming is that the company screens online casinos rigorously before striking an agreement with them. Microgaming casinos observe high code standards, which is good news for players. Hence, to know that Microgaming is behind the software of any new casino is quite reassuring that such a casino is safe and fair.

Since Microgaming is consolidating its independent casino operators, new independent Microgaming sites are increasingly becoming rare. You will only see one of the existing Microgaming's operators launch a new brand every once in a while. Any new Microgaming casino site starts with an extensive game portfolio, which makes such a casino an obvious choice for those looking to leverage the experience of playing new casinos. The games can be played in both instant play and download formats. The new casinos do not leave out mobile users either. They have an excellent selection of mobile games to be played on the move. The casinos also come with lucrative bonus offers and other prizes, including gadget giveaways.

New Casinos 2020: What to Expect

The UK's online casino world is such a dynamic industry and so compelling that you can wake up to tomorrow find new games, better bonuses and promotions, and other more exciting casino features which have never existed before. Casinos sites tend to be evolving rapidly towards more engaging and immersive entertainment systems. Today (2020), many casinos are looking to stand out from the crowd more than ever before.

With every casino striving to make players happy by offering the best possible bonuses, upcoming casinos must be more creative to give the already established casinos a run for their money. Remember, bonus credits, which have been the primary weapon for many casinos, are slowly becoming boring. Every online casino has been singing the 'bonus' song, but players now need something different to get them excited.

Many casino sites are already applying the principles of gamification to deliver a more fulfilling gambling experience to their players. Things such as financial rewards, a game within a game, and symbolic badges, (for specific achievements), seem to be gathering momentum, and 2020 may see casinos taking these goodies to a whole new level. If effectively applied, the gamification principles may encourage players to stay on their current casino sites and build their profile, which may enable them to unlock more rewards while, at the same time, enjoying the fun of playing casino games.

It would also not come as a surprise to see new casinos going a notch higher to publish VR-based casino simulations to put casino players on a digital casino platform literally. We're not saying that this technology does not exist. Still, chances are, that it is going to be primarily embraced by many casinos to help with solving practical problems associated with real-time remote access. Indeed, plenty of casino software providers have every reason to consider projects of this nature for new online casinos, as such platforms will be a hit among both new and seasoned casino enthusiasts. The casino industry has a lot of money flowing into it, and we can only foresee a serious breakthrough of this kind shortly.


With millions of UK-based casino gamblers joining online casinos to spin the roulette wheel, wager on slots, or play any other casino game of their choice, online casino gambling has never been more popular. It is this immense popularity of casino gaming which has given impetus to the emergence of new online casinos, with casino entrepreneurs establishing new sites at an unprecedented faster pace. If you’re a casino player in the UK, you can easily spot a brand new casino on the internet, and be the first to reap the benefits of playing such a casino. As you have seen in this guide, new casinos usually offer better perks than the existing ones, and it causes no harm to give them a try.

Leveraging the big casino bonus offers and other promotions associated with new casinos is not just fun; you can win some cash too. Since the casinos are out to make a name, their support system also tends to be excellent. And of course, you will undoubtedly find some of the latest games at new casino sites. So, if you thought that playing new casinos is not worthwhile, it is time you changed your perception so that you don’t miss out on the perks that come with it. Just be sure that the new casino site is genuine to avoid getting duped. Yes, 2020; what a great year for UK casino players!