UK Licensing & Regulation

For a casino to operate in the UK, it needs to have a license issued to work in the British market. Licensing is an essential aspect of the online gambling industry, and it is crucial to any UK online casino’s operations. If you are playing at UK casino, it is relevant for you to understand how licensing in the UK works and how it can be beneficial to you.

A UK casino license dictates specific rules and regulations that casinos must adhere to. Since an independent gambling body issues the license, a legitimate UK casino with a license is full proof that it is a fair and reliable casino. You can rest assured that all casinos that are featured and promoted on GambleGenie have a valid UK license.

We have thus compiled this detailed guide with information about the British licensing system and how it could affect you as a player. Although playing at a casino is also an essential factor, take the time to apply the below knowledge so you can have the best possible casino experience.

What is a UK online casino licence?

A UK casino license is essentially a permit that certifies that the casino in question is compliant with the set of rules and regulations as devised by the Gambling Commission. It also ensures that it is following the best practices in terms of safety, fairness and security.

Since casino licenses are in place to regulate the online gambling industry, it also ensures that all licensed casinos are abiding by the correct code of conduct in terms of how their business is run. One important aspect when it comes to adhering to strict guidelines pertain to responsible gambling such as self-exclusion, adverting and marketing, information to players, underage gambling, etc. etc.

UK casino licences are also in place to deter anti-money laundering practises and therefore protecting players from criminal activity and rogue practices.

British online casinos must, therefore, be ready to deal with strict regulations when entering the market and also ready to apply all these requirements by law under the jurisdiction it falls under., before even launching.

Since a UK casino gaming license has to be issued by an authoritative body which regulates the gaming industry, it also means that the casino is always under scrutiny and vetted for all potential criteria.

How to spot a UK licenced casino

Since all casinos listed on GambleGenie are licensed, provided you go for any of them, you should be fine. However, if you sign up to a new casino site that hasn’t been recommended, you need to do your homework. Sign up to the wrong operator, and it can turn into a costly business for you.

If you are always on the prowl for a new British casino, with big casino bonuses and an endless supply of free spins, you are at high risk of not vetting the casino properly. It is more reliable to sign up to a casino that has been around on the market for a few years, but it is also understandable, that sometimes you just want to try out a new UK casino site and see if there’s something better. If you do, keep it safe.

Casinos without a licence have been damaging the UK online gambling industry since always, and signing up and playing at these unlicensed casinos makes you an unlikely accomplice to criminal activities.

When playing casino games at an unlicensed operator, the chances are that these games are rigged, and you will never be able to achieve a win, let alone cash out a withdrawal.

If you found yourself on this page looking for sure signs that the UK Gambling Commission licences a casino, check out the below list:

  • Look for a UK licence in the footer of the casino
  • Search for the Gambling Commission’s logo and check that it links to the site
  • Look for a license number. Alternatively, look for the casino on the Gambling Commission’s website
  • Look for casino reviews online

Even if you have gone through all of the above tips and tricks, it is always best that you look up the casino on the Gambling Commission’s website, which is ultimately the safest way to check the legitimacy of the casino.

Keep in mind that the Gambling Commission regularly runs audits and is well-aware of any problems players might have had with casinos in the UK.

Benefits of a Licensed UK Casino

If you’re still not convinced about the benefits of signing up to a trustworthy UK casino, here’s a list to convince you further.

  • Safety & Security

When playing at a secure UK casino, you are protected in a number of ways. Since there is a legal framework attached to the casino, operators cannot scam players by providing games that are rigged and not use a Random Number Generator. There are also plenty more measures in place to safeguard your interests, including resolutions to disputes, internal and external auditing as well as the use of the latest SSL encryption technology to safeguard your personal and financial interests.

  • Prevention of money laundering

This is a big one, but when a casino starts operating under a UK licence, they have already undergone all possible anti-money laundering checks. Thus, they have undergone risk assessment and advised on appropriate procedures and policies that prevent them from being in any way connected to money-laundering or financing terrorist organisations.

  • Responsibility

The UK-licenced casinos are by law required to be socially responsible as well as have ethical practices in place. Casinos in the UK must make donations to charities and support treatment for problem gambling on a regular basis.

Additionally, they must run the business ethically and protect any vulnerable members of society from problem gambling.

Why is it dangerous to sign up to an unlicensed casino?

Playing at an unlicensed casino is the equivalent of throwing your money away. There are massive risks attached to them, yet some players still insist on playing at a casino which is unlicensed just because it has a tempting casino bonus offer.

When you sign up to a casino UK via GambleGenie, we have done all the necessary checks before deeming the casino safe and trustworthy. You can sign up to any casino via GambleGenie, safe in the knowledge that the casino is licensed and reputable.

That being said, here are a few risks associated with signing up to an unlicensed casino.

Rigged Games

This is a big one, but since unlicensed casinos don’t have a license in the place, they are unable to certify either the quality of the games or the randomness factor of each spin of the reels. Since they don’t have Random Number Generators in place, which guarantee randomness and fairness, they can be re-programmed, so the odds are in the casino’s favour. You will never win.

No Security

Since there is little security in place, you are providing your personal and financial information to a site that could re-use or share your sensitive data with third parties. Once you have imparted that information, the rogue casino is free to do as it pleases with it.

Never going to see your money again

Why sign up to an unlicensed casino when there is a massive risk, that a) you will lose your deposit, and b) you will never win? The most reputable licensed casinos in the UK payout for your winnings and will ensure that the best practices are in place. Additionally, they wouldn’t withhold any funds from you.

Why are some UK casinos licensed overseas?

You will undoubtedly spot a few new UK casino sites that have a license from other jurisdictions such as Curacao and Malta, in addition to their UK licence. The most common license is that of Malta, which is issued by the Malta Gaming Authority.

This is absolutely nothing to be concerned about since there are legal provisions in place that allow operators from the European Economic Area (EEA) as well as other countries to access the UK gambling market, provided they have in their possession a license issued by the UK Gambling Commission.

These licenses from other jurisdictions pave the way for casinos to serve players from countries outside the UK. In general, authorities such as EEA countries, Isle of Man, Curacao, Gibraltar, Alderney, Antigua and Barbuda, as well as Tasmania, are considered safe and reliable.

How can the Gambling Commission be beneficial to you

Now and again, you will hear of players who have had a bad experience at gambling online. Although they are much less than what they used to be, several issues are usually related to regulations.

Since the UK Gambling Commission is a legal party, which regulates casinos online, it also gets involved in any disputes that might arise. Before jumping the gun and getting in touch with the UK Gambling Commission, it might be wiser to first get in touch with the customer support of your respective casino.