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Live Blackjack Bonuses

Live Blackjack Bonuses in the UK are some of the most sought after bonuses. Not only are they lucrative and rare, but when you come across one of a few live blackjack bonuses you know you've come across a gem.

Blackjack is a popular casino game that often has the lowest house edge, so there's a good chance of walking away a winner. Luck does play a large part in blackjack, but a good knowledge of basic strategy might tip the house edge slightly in your favour. Snapping up a top Blackjack bonus, should only be the start to becoming a Blackjack champion.

This article looks in depth at live blackjack online, including what it is, how you might win, what strategies to use, and what live blackjack bonuses and promotions to look out for when choosing a casino. Read on for all this and more!

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What is Live Blackjack?

When you play live blackjack online, you have two options: video blackjack or live dealer blackjack. With the latter, you'll be playing against a real dealer who you can interact and joke with. There may be other players around the table. Often the blackjack table will be in a real casino, always with cameras and camera angles set up to give you a realistic casino feeling.

Live Blackjack Online Strategy

One way in which players win at blackjack in real casinos is by counting cards. This isn't usually illegal as long as no card-counting device or external help is in play, even though casinos frown upon it. In online live blackjack, it is not typically viable anyway because of slower game speed, inadequate deck penetration and unfavourable rules.

The best way to win at blackjack is by studying the rules, playing strategically and setting yourself a winning target or a losing limit, at which point you'll leave the table. When you play indefinitely, you are "pushing your luck" and inviting the house edge to catch up with you slowly. That may happen glacially in blackjack, but it will happen if you wait long enough.

Let'sLet's talk about some blackjack tactics. First, here are some of the choices available during a blackjack game:

  • Hit: the dealer gives you another card
  • Stand or stick: take no more cards
  • Double down: increase bet by up to 100% and draw only one more card
  • Split: the act of splitting two cards of the same value into two hands and doubling the bet
  • Insurance: an optional risk-averse bet to recoup loss against a dealer's possible blackjack hand

The way you play will vary slightly according to rule differences. For instance, the dealer must achieve a hand of 17 before standing, but a "soft 17" hand with an ace and a six may require the dealer to hit if the rules demand it (denoted "H17"). If this is the case, the house edge increases slightly. The dealer stands on soft 17 in S17 rules.

Winning at blackjack revolves around the probability of the dealer turning over any given card and what you should do to improve your odds in any situation. It helps to study a blackjack strategy charts, which is available on GambleGenie.

One rule of thumb is that you should stand on 12 or over when the dealer reveals a middling card, such as a 4, 5 or 6, since this increases the probability of the dealer busting. When the dealer turns over a 7 or above, your best bet is to aim for a minimum 17 hand. If the hand is patently in your favour, you should consider the double down or split options. A hand of 10 or 11 will often be worth doubling down on, for instance, unless the dealer's card matches the value.

Live Blackjack Bonus

When choosing casino, you'll want to pick a regulated site with an excellent reputation for fairness and security. After that, a popular way for casinos to entice new players is a welcome bonus in the form of free credit.

Cashable bonuses from casinos allow you to eventually withdraw the bonus, plus your deposit and any profit. Less favourable non-cashable bonuses are never yours, so only your initial deposit and any winnings are ever available. Non-cashable bonuses are sometimes called "sticky bonuses" because they never leave the casino.

It would help if you always studied the small print to see what you're getting. Bonuses are subject to conditions, which we'll discuss a bit later. Generally, the more you deposit, the bigger a bonus you'll get. But remember that it will also take longer at the table before you can withdraw a bigger bonus or any winnings accrued.

There are also plenty of casinos that offer no deposit bonuses on live dealer games to help you get started. This type of bonus is great for testing out the casino as well as to play your favourite table game.

Claim a Blackjack No Deposit Bonus

When it comes to playing Live Blackjack, a no deposit bonus offer gives you a head start. Once you have signed up for an account and verified it, you will receive a nifty bonus that does not require a deposit. Availing yourself a to blackjack no deposit bonus is a superb way for you to try out the game of blackjack without using your own money.

This does not mean that you won't be able to win money from your blackjack no deposit bonus. On the contrary, you will be able to win real money, provided you meet any wagering requirements as set by the casino operator.

Casinos such as 888 Casino, give new players an £88 blackjack no deposit bonus, exclusively for UK players. You will have to use up your free play bonus within 14 days of receiving this great bonus, as well as meet any wagering requirements.

Claim the best Blackjack deposit bonus offers

If you are looking for the best online blackjack bonuses, you can easily take advantage of match bonuses which you receive once you deposit at a new casino UK. You should always claim a first deposit bonus, especially if you are looking to boost your bankroll with funds.

Keep in mind if you are going to snap up an online blackjack bonus, that you will have to meet any wagering requirements to cash out any winnings.

Best Live Blackjack Bonuses

In addition to bonuses, you'll find various other incentives at live blackjack UK casinos, as well as venues elsewhere. The types of promotion you'll find include these real-life examples:

Place a bet on 17 and win a cash reward on top of any payout

  • Win a cash sum for every 10 blackjack hands you score
  • Blackjack card hunt with a cash prize if you collect all 12 puzzle pieces on dealt cards
  • Blackjack prize card – win a cash prize if you're dealt the prize card
  • Cashback (25%) on blackjack losses
  • Winning streak cash reward for 10 consecutive wins
  • Double your last win if you win 5 hands in a row

BGO Live Casino

BGO Casino offers a 100% welcome bonus that matches the first deposit of up to £200. Thus, if you deposit £200, you'll have £400 in your account. Whatever you deposit, up to £200 will be doubled, so you may as well make it worthwhile. This applies to all of the casino's blackjack games.

The bonus is subject to a 40x wagering requirement, meaning you'll have to wager (or "play through") 40 times the amount of your bonus before withdrawals can be made. You can withdraw a cash balance before wagering requirements are met, but doing so forfeits the pending bonus and winnings - a common condition among casinos.

ComeOn! Casino

ComeOn! Casino offers a 100% deposit bonus up to £25 based on a minimum deposit of £10. The bonus comes with a 35x playthrough requirement in the casino before the withdrawal. You can't combine casino wagering with sportsbook betting to achieve it. Other casino awards are separately available, like 20 free spins on the Starburst slot.


New players at LeoVegas Casino benefit from a 100% no-deposit bonus up to £100, plus 80 bonus spins on each of the first four deposits, so a £400 maximum bonus overall. This is subject to a 35x minimum wagering condition before winnings can be withdrawn.

Live Blackjack No Deposit Bonus

Casino welcome bonuses generally come in two forms: deposit and no-deposit. The first gives you a percentage of your initial deposit(s), while a no-deposit bonus is a smaller amount of free credit. Neither should be thought of as free money, because usually there are terms and conditions attached, such as minimum wagering requirements or maximum withdrawal limits.

Wagering requirements refer to how much you need to wager before you can withdraw the money. On the face of it, a no-deposit bonus is attractive because you can dive in with someone else's money and get used to your new surroundings and the house rules. You don't have to concern yourself with what you can afford.

Be aware that blackjack won't always contribute significantly to wagering requirements regardless of bonus type (i.e. only a certain percentage of what you wager will count towards it). Be sure to check this before playing. This is because the low house edge in blackjack increases the likelihood of players turning free credits into cash.

Online Live Blackjack Dealers

With its narrow house edge and element of skill, blackjack is a popular casino game. Live dealer games combined with innovative software and camera work make for an authentic experience. You can even enjoy friendly banter with the professional and attractive dealers for a more personal touch.

The good-humoured, adept croupiers keep every game moving and under control while making you feel at home. Perhaps you are at home, but it'll feel like Vegas!

Live Blackjack Game Providers

Some of the world's best game providers are behind live casinos, streaming high-definition video straight to your PC or mobile device. Some of the well-known live casino providers with licensing for the UK include Evolution Gaming, NetEnt, BetGames, Playtech and Extreme Live Gaming. Each provider varies a little in the experience they deliver to the player and the number of games they offer, so it's worth comparing a few of them.

How to Play Live Blackjack Online in the UK

For UK players, there is plenty of choices when it comes to finding a game of blackjack. To ensure your safety and guarantee fair play, you might head to one of the long-established and reputable casinos. These are powered by software from Evolution, NetEnt and Playtech. Depending on how familiar you are with the game, perhaps you'll look for extra features and game variations. Or, if you're still learning, you could stick to classic rules.

Free Blackjack Online

Since the game of live blackjack is genuinely iconic, many players are looking to challenge themselves at free blackjack. It is not only about luck, but it also requires a strategy in place, plenty of patience and bravery.

Don't forget that your main aim in the game of free blackjack, is not only to get as close to the total sum of 21 but to beat the dealer as well.

The game of free blackjack required minimal introduction among casino players from all walks of life. Almost everyone knows about the game of free blackjack and has played it for fun, regardless of age. Even if the rules tend to vary from one free blackjack variant to another, the concept is essentially the same – To beat the dealer and to not go over the total sum of 21.

The one key advantage of blackjack is that it comes with one of the lowest house edge factors of any real casino game out there. This contributes to its popularity, both at brick-and-mortar casinos as well as online.

It is so popular that is has been coined the most-played casino game ever, since it is easy to learn and to play. It requires very little knowledge. However, knowing the rules of blackjack or a blackjack strategy chart to help you on the way, could prove beneficial.

Never played free blackjack for fun before? Now's the time to play free blackjack so you can learn the ropes before playing with real money at a live casino. Give free blackjack a try!

Unfortunately, due to recently changed in the UK Gambling regulations in a bid to protect children from online gambling, we are unable to offer you free blackjack games here at GambleGenie. However, you can play free blackjack at several casinos online. These casinos allow you to try free blackjack for fun, before even having to make a deposit. You will need to verify your age at these casinos before you can get started.


Blackjack enthusiasts can now enjoy all the thrills of the casino without leaving home. Or they can play on the move with a tablet or mobile phone. As long as you choose your site wisely, study the rules and pore over the bonus' small print, you'll have tremendous fun scoring blackjacks at an online casino. Go for a winning streak and always know when to walk away!