Mega Fortune Slot Review


Mega Fortune slot is NetEnt’s reply to Mega Moolah by Microgaming – glamour for glamour! Ultimately this luxury themed game has gained more popularity than its competitors. All thanks to the fact that it holds the record for the highest ever payout in online slot history.

Mega fortune slot is an online progressive jackpot game, developed and owned by NetEnt. This game promises millions in returns, and with an average payout of $4 million, it’s easy to see why it is loved by gamblers. Here are more details about this video slot game. Slot Game Bonus Features and Symbols

In Mega Fortune slot game you’d find a bevvy of symbols. Symbols denoting wealth, such as Limos, Diamond encrusted jewellery, Champagne and wads of cash and yachts. All these symbolise the luxurious lifestyle MegaFortune parades.

These symbols have their meanings in Mega Fortune slot, we’ll explore them below.

Red Ring (J) –  Playing 5 red rings in a row will give one 75 coins. This is the joker ring, it’s the symbol with the least amount attached to it.

Blue Ring (Q) – Playing 5 blue rings together will give you 100 coins.

Yellow Ring (K) – The King’s ring is worth 125 coins, to enjoy it, 5 should be found on an active payline.

Green Ring (A) – The Ace ring is worth 150 coins if they are played 5 times in a row.

Cognac and Cigar – in this came, this symbol is worth 200 coins, that is if 5 of them are found payline.

Gold Watch – Here’s a sign of wealth everyone can understand. With 5 of these babies, you get yourself 300 coins.

Cash Stack – Everyone understands the language of green bills. 5 of this on the reel will give you 500 coins.

Limousine – 5 of these on a payline and you’re inline for 1000 coins.

In-Game Bonus Features


The wild feature is represented by the Yacht symbol. It can replace any of the numerous symbols in the Mega Fortune slot, except for the scatter and bonus. This particular feature happens when you have three champagne symbols showing up at the same time in any of the 5 reels. The Wild increases your chance of making some huge cash. It helps you create winning combinations and also comes with up to 5x multiplier.

Scatter Feature

Represented by the Champagne symbol, when you have three of these symbols on any of the five reels, the scatter feature is activated. This leads to the free spin round, in this round there are lots of high multipliers. So the more Scatters you have the more your chances of winning big.

Wheel of Fortune Bonus

Now here’s the big stage. There are three wheels of fortune, each of them comes with some prizes and one jackpot. So you have three wheels and then three jackpots. Rapid Jackpot, Major Jackpot and Mega jackpot. This is why it is called progressive jackpot. If you can make it past the three wheels and get to the mega jackpot, then you’re really in for something great.  

Slot Game jackpot (max win)

The Mega Fortune Slot gives players opportunities to earn huge jackpots. Due to the progressive nature of the jackpot, the maximum amount to be one is not a definite figure. That is in theory, the amount of money one can win is indefinite. In 2013 a student from Finland won €17,860,868. This is the world record at the moment, who knows you may be the one to create a new record.

Slot game on Mobile & tablet

As with all games from NetEnt, there’s always an equivalent version on mobile. You can either get it from the Google PlayStore or the Apple App Store. Or, just typing the URL of the game on your mobile browser, you’d be directed to a mobile-optimized version of the site.


This 5 reels game has made many people millionaires, that’s like the major appeal. For those who don’t get to win the jackpot, they still get good payouts. This encourages people to keep on playing for bigger wins.

Mega Fortune slot game has a very attractive user interface, with good user experience. This luxury themed game is fun to play, the payout is big, and therefore at Gamble Genie, we really think you should play this game. It could actually make you into a millionaire. There are really no downsides to this game except for the fact that it could be very addictive. But is that really a downside?