Piggy Riches Slot Review


This is a popular slot game created by Net Entertainment. There are a few slots who have features of multiple genres and Piggy Riches is one of them. It is a mix of luxury slots and animal slots but most importantly, brings you more entertainment. You can see some of the crucial information about this slot below.

Piggy Riches is a 5 reel slot of the video genre and it consists of 15 pay lines. In this game, you will meet some of the wealthiest pigs ever. A NetEnt creation, this game has unique features which you will see below. It is an adaptable game which can be played on a host of operating systems including Windows and Linux. It is a non-downloadable game which makes it easier to play. You can also play without depositing any money or registering with a casino online. You can find this game on NetEnt Touch Mobile Platform while it is also compatible with your Apple and Android.


The game revolves around money Laden pigs and your job is to make them part with some of that cash into your pocket. These are very rich pigs with loads of money and the flyers credit cards so they would not be going broke anytime soon. Hence while trying to sink your paws into their cash, you can enjoy the nice graphics and cool sound effects of this rich video slot game.

Slot Game Bonus Features

Rich people do not always have the best of patience and so do these rich pigs. They can be very unpredictable when they feel like. There are two main features with Piggy Riches. Wild Mr. Piggy has a 3x multiplier while Lady Piggy is renowned for scatters, free spins, and multipliers.

Mr. Piggy and Lady Piggy are useful in this game but you can say this more for Mr. Piggy who can help you stay in the game with 10x, 20x wagers to keep you playing.

Get as many Lady Piggies as you can because she gives the opportunities to accumulate more free spins with multipliers. There is a maximum of 26 free spins coupled with a 6x multiplier. There are opportunities to get 3 scatters where you have the option of 22 free spins. Whenever the scatter appears during a free spin, you stand a chance to get an extra free spin. You can usually expect to receive around 3 - 5 additional free spins. This is the reason we mostly go for the multiplier that is higher. Just reason it like this; when the wild is added to a 3x multiplier, if you check out the calculations, you can see how those numbers would make sense for your plays.


This online casino game gives players a variety of betting options, which makes it enjoyable for players of different range. Whether you are rolling in dough or just scrounging on your savings, Piggy Riches is a game you can afford.

The coin value choices begin from 0.01 proceeding all the way up to 0.50. You can activate as many as 15 paylines at once while there are as much as 10 bet levels to make your pickings from. The bet level is used in guiding you to the number of coins you would want to use to activate a payline. The largest bet will set you back 50.00 for every spin if you decide to optimise all the betting options.

On the other hand, there is also a limiter bet which is placed at "penny coin value" this will inversely eat lightly into your deposit at 0.15 for each spin. The lowest bet ever on this game is a mere 0.01. But it is important to note that the higher your bets, the higher your winnings. The largest payout possible on this game is a respectable 360,000 coins.

Slot Game Jackpot

The jackpot in this online casino game can be accessed when you hit five Riches symbols. These symbols give you a reward of 2000 coins. To win the maximum payout, you have to begin with a high amount because this makes it possible to cash out 360,000 which is the ultimate return for this slot. However, you cannot win the jackpot through a free spin. You will also need to play with the highest maximum wager to give yourself an opportunity to have a crack at the jackpot.

Piggy Riches on Mobile and Tablet

Piggy Riches was released on mobile four years after its release on PC. You can find it on Net Entertainment Touch Mobile gaming platform without any compromise in speed, design, animation, and sound quality. The mobile version comes with equal features to be found on the PC version.


It is a bit rare to find a player who has won the maximum jackpot on this video slot. However, it is not unusual to find players who have gotten back winnings which were 200x, 300x, and even 500x their stake on the game. Despite this, this game is just a simple video slot with good spins which can be wildly unpredictable. So to make the game far more enjoyable, and easier for you to win, you can decide to lower your wagering limits so as not to be disappointed. On the whole, this is a good game to play and enjoy loads of fun.