Viking Runecraft Slot Review


Viking Runecraft as the name implies is an online slot game with a lot of Viking characters. Let us take a look at some of the important info on this video slot.

This online video slot is provided and powered by the PlaynGo tech company. You can tell from the name there is Norse mythology involved due to the theme. As a 7x7 video slot game, there is no surprise it utilizes a cascading engine which means you can continue winning for as much time as you possibly can. This is because for every spin you make in this slot machine, winning symbols make way for new ones.

This is an online slot game that is visually striking in appearance with crisp graphics and captivating sound. You could be addicted to the game for these attributes alone. Plaudits must be ceded the developers for this strong showing – very few online slots can measure up to Viking runecraft slot.

Viking runecraft slot Bonus Features

  • Fury of Fenrir: This is a feature which involves four diagonal lines of slashed symbols, with two lines replaced while the other lines transforming to the same symbol.
  • The judgement of Jormugand: This feature involves the destruction of selected symbols in a straight line from one end of the grid to the other. Symbols on the path are turned into randomly selected symbols.
  • Scorching of Surtr: 3 symbols are set ablaze with the inferno spreading across randomly selected numbers of nearby symbols with the symbols destroyed. The burning cluster gives way to a new set of symbols which appear the same when you hit a win.
  • The lure of Loki: In this feature 2 symbols are selected. One of them gets taken away from the grid while the other transforms to a different symbol.

When one of the four Charge of Destruction feature exhausts itself, you can charge up the meter. Get one charge after playing one of the "four charges of destruction" and you activate the Ragnarok feature which gives you a free spin.

In this online slot game, when this feature is triggered, the Charge of Destruction turns into the "End of the World Bonus meter. Should you get wins on plenty of symbols when this feature is in play, you get a reward of a win alongside a multiplier. 20 symbols = 2x multiplier, 40 symbols = 3x, 60 symbols = 5x, 80 symbols = 15x multipliers.

Furthermore, there are four different gods on four different levels in this video slot. To meet each god, clear the pattern of the god below. To achieve this, you have to form wins on selected positions on the grid. If this is done successfully, you level up and meet another god.

There is also a "Gift of the Gods" feature which gets wild symbols that give you different winning combos. Such symbols include:

  • God of Thunder (Thor) - 5 - 9 randomly chosen symbols turn wild.
  • God of Wisdom (Odin) - 4 wild symbols add up in 2 pairs with each pair vertically opposite each other
  • God of Beauty (Freya) - Wild symbols are joined in 4 clusters. These are done 4 at one time and will continue till hit a win.
  • God of Guarding (Heilmdall) - 7 wilds are formed with a wild showing on each row.

Also, winning symbols in this online slot game have the Runes of Valhalla. This is a feature where there can be up to 5 different combos.


Viking runecraft slot Jackpot

Alas, this is not a progressive slot machine. There are no major pot winners. But you can win the maximum amount on this slot which is 10000x your wagering amount.

Viking Runecraft Mobile & Tablet Compatibility

This is a video slot which not only caters for the PC lovers, but also comes in handy for the mobile community. You can conveniently play Viking Runecraft on your mobile, tablet, and other handheld devices.


This is an online slot game that is well executed without any apparent faults. The graphics and sound are up there with the best. Viking Runecraft is very enjoyable, playable for all types of gamers and comes with ten bonus games. This is the reason why this video slot is highly recommended.