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What Is Volatility In Casino Gaming And Why Is It Important?

In the layman sense, volatility can be seen as the propensity for disruption, often unpredictable. This is the antithesis for stability so to say.

Now taking it further to the world of online gambling, volatility commonly referred to as variance simply means the level of risk attached to a game. This can also be viewed as the amount of wins a player is expected to get from a playing session in a short run.

The volatility of game informs the players on the size of the casino bonuses and payouts they would get from playing a game. Casino games are in general, classified as low, medium and high.

Read on to learn more about the role of volatility in online gambling.

What are High Volatility online slots?

High volatility slots are video slots with high jackpots and maximum bonus rounds attached to them. However, these bonuses don’t come by frequently in the game and players might have to play for some period and bet several times before finally triggering winning combinations.

A winning combination can provide a player with huge wins that could be 10000x more than his/her investment. It is common knowledge such sweet circumstances have turned gamblers into millionaires especially through the progressive jackpot featured on some of these high volatility slots.

High volatility slots come with higher risks and usually have low RTP and a higher house edge. This is evident in its long gameplay in which you may spin for some time using and losing real money in a playing session without winning much that is sizeable. However as it has been stated earlier, a single big win in the game is enough to make up for the low RTP and the time expended in playing.

High volatility slots are popular with high rollers or VIP gamblers because the slots offer the most rewarding wins for their maximum stakes per hand. One of such slots is the Book of Dead by Playn'Go.

What are Low Volatility online slots?

Low volatility slots are low risk slots with several bonus rounds and features that frequently generates small and medium wins for players in a playing session. You don’t have to play for a long period of time or lose before you win or claim bonuses.

Nonetheless, because of the frequency of the small wins, low volatility slots do not feature big jackpots although some of them do feature bonus spins with attractive prizes. They are usually smaller compared to the prizes offered by high volatility slots.

Low volatility slots are often preferred by newbies, casual and average players because of its bonus features, regular wins, and interesting animations which makes the gameplay more fun and relaxing than high volatility slots.

Why Is Volatility Important In Casino Gaming?

Volatility is an important topic in casino gaming because it is essential in helping us understand the setup of a slot game, its dynamics, range and level of bonus rounds. These explain the reasons why some slot games are developed to pay more than others.

With the help of volatility, we are able to determine and sufficiently predict the time we get a reward from the time we placed our initial bet in a playing session.

Through volatility, players are given the chance to choose their preferred slot game tailored around their budget, bankroll and needs. Players can also track the amount they can win or lose when playing games.

Relationship between RTP and Volatility

Return to Player (RTP) is the percentage of wins a player can hope to have in a playing session. A high RTP translates to more chances of the player winning while a low RTP means that in the long run, the player's chances of winning are pretty slim.

There is an evident link between RTP and volatility because volatility is one of the main factors that determine the RTP of a game in the casino. Highly Volatility games usually has low RTPs around 92%- 94% while low volatility games could have up to 96% to 99% in a game.

However there are always a few exceptions as some of these slot games could have qualities associated with both high and low volatility games. These games are known as average volatility games and their RTP borders around 95%-96%

Which Game Should You Play: Low Or High Volatility?

Low and High volatility slots both have their benefits and relative dark spots. If you were going to choose between them, it will mainly depend on your preference. Yet, there are some factors you must consider before deciding to play a high or low volatility rate.

What is your status?

Are you a newbie or an experienced gambler? If you are just a beginner then you are advised to go for low volatility games because they have more classy designs, nice gameplay and it is more easier to make small wins.

It is true that the high volatility games require time, patience and a bankroll that you might not have currently. To get the best out of your low volatility game, play a free or demo version first so that you can understand the gameplay and winning combinations before you play for real money.

Bankroll or Budget

Do you have a sizable capital base that could be expended in playing high volatility slot games? If you do, then you can go on to play on high volatility games because that is where you can get the best reward for your money.

However if you are just a casual player looking forward to make the most out of your small budget, then low volatility games are for you. Do not make the mistake of playing high volatility games with your small bankroll thinking you would hit the big jackpot fast, you will most likely lose all your money, and spend more than your budget without still winning.


High volatility slots require patience. Can you wait and concentrate enough to land the big wins? Do you have time on your hands? Or are you trying to win or recoup your losses as fast as you can? These are the questions you must answer before playing on high volatility slots. The big reward and massive jackpots are always worth the wait but you are not just going to be waiting, you will be bleeding cash too.

Bonus rounds and Mini games

If you are the type that loves it when the screen keeps popping up with bonus rounds, or you enjoy mini games and you love watching the characters come to live, then play low volatility slots since they have a higher number of these bonus rounds and mini games than high volatility slots.

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