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Dream Catcher Game UK: The Winning Strategy

Not all famous casino games are slot games or card-based. You would be surprised how many players crave the authentic casino experience and head straight to the best live casinos in the UK. There, you will be able to discover a variety of top-notch games that have basic rules and offer you the thrills you are craving.

One such perfect example is the Live Dream Catcher game, which is a straightforward game with very few rules and developed by the epic software provider Evolution Gaming.

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What is the Live Dream Catcher game about?

The live Dream Catcher Game was inspired by the classic money wheels found at brick-and-mortar casinos. Designed by Evolution Gaming, it has changed the face of UK live casinos. The live dealer game is set in a modern studio with sound effects, lights and an efficient live presenter.

There are numerous multiple cameras in the studio so that you can follow the live casino action straight from your screen. It has been designed to act as a TV live programme. Since there is plenty of interaction and banter, it offers a truly immersive casino experience thanks to the various cameras in the studio and the spinning of the money wheel.

The live dream catcher game is streamed to a myriad of devices, including smartphones and tablets in high-definition.

Each game round lasts around 45 seconds, which means that it is quite a fast-paced action game which keeps boredom at bay.

How to play the live dream catcher game?

To play this game, you need to find a casino that offers it. The good news is that the best live casinos all host live dealer games by Evolution Gaming, including Dream Catcher. Casinos include Casumo, BGO, LeoVegas, Mr Green and even ComeOn. That’s only a small selection of live casinos UK that offer it. There are plenty more.

Once you have signed up to one of the UK’s best live casinos and made a deposit, you are presented with a colourful money wheel and a live presenter who will spin it. The rules of the game are fundamental, and new players will be able to learn how to play the game in a jiffy.

To kick off the game, you must predict the outcome of the turn of the money wheel by placing a bet on the number you think it will stop on. If, for example, you place a bet on 1, 5, 10, 20 and the wheel stops on one of them, you will be paid out according to the payout table.

To this day, the Dream Catcher wheel comes with 54 segments, 52 of which you can bet on, and the other two which are multipliers. The 52 sections entail numbers 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50. If you place a bet on the number 5 and ti wins, your stake will payout x5.

Since each round of the Dream Catcher lasts 45 seconds, it means that you can also pre-plan your upcoming bets. There are big payouts and prizes up for grabs, especially if you gain bonus spins, such as x2 or x7.

In some exceptional circumstances, you are presented with the chance to join tournaments while playing this game. These UK casinos host Dream Catcher tournaments where you can win up to a whopping £10,000 in cash prizes. To enter the tournament, you must first opt-in and play during the promotional time.

How to win Live Dream Catcher Game

Since it is one of the most accessible games to play, your main goal is to predict where the money wheel will come to a halt successfully. This live casino game has been designed to resemble a game show, where the player places bets and interacts with the presented.

Unfortunately, there are no strategies which you can apply to the game of Dream Catcher as the game is entirely random. You can, however, have a bankroll management strategy in place to extend your gameplay as much as possible.

You only need to pick the number where you think the wheel will stop. Wherever it lands, you will win the corresponding payouts. If there are jackpots or multipliers in place, they too will be boosted further.

There are two available multipliers in the game of Live Dream Catcher, namely x2 and x7. Since there is no strategy which you can apply to this game, you have to bet and have fun. Just imagine you are live on TV playing at a game show.

Winning Dream Catcher Strategy

There is no betting strategy when it comes to Dream Catcher, but having a bankroll management system in place should help extend gameplay and potentially rack up wins. Because there is no decision-making in place or skill, the game is random.

All you have to do is place a bet on the number you think the wheel will stop on. This could be any of the following numbers: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 or 40. If you are wondering what the payout is, it's relatively simple since it corresponds to the number you are betting on.

So if you are placing a bet on 10 and it wins, you will be paid 10:1. Additionally, the multipliers in the game act as bonus spins and will multiply your next win. It's a pretty nifty addition if we can say so ourselves.

Oh, and now you can put your Dream Catcher casino game strategy to good use, by playing on the go, straight from your smartphone or tablet. Whether you own an iOS, Android, Windows or even a Blackberry device, the Dream Catcher game can be live-streamed straight to your device.

As a general rule, the lowest numbers are the ones that are most likely to win regularly, since there are many more of them on the wheel.

To give you a better overview, the Dream Catcher wheel is divided as follows:

  • Yellow 1: 23 slots
  • Blue 2: 15 slots
  • Purple 5: 7 slots
  • Green 10: 4 slots
  • Orange 20: 2 slots
  • Red 40: 1 slot

The higher the number, the more difficult it is to land a winning payout as there are fewer slots. The chances of hitting a Red, Orange or Green is relatively low and much more challenging to achieve. Throw in a multiplier, and it is even more difficult. If you want to play it safe, your best bet would be to wager on 1, 2 or 5.

Tips and Tricks on playing Dream Catcher UK

The payout odds correspond to the number you have selected as follows:

  • 1 – payout of 1:1
  • 2 – payout of 2:1
  • 5 – payout of 5:1
  • 10 – payout of 10:1
  • 20 – payout of 20:1
  • 40 – payout of 40:1

You can place a minimum bet of as little as £0.10, and you have the option to bet on all numbers if you wish. If you fancy yourself as a bit of a high roller, you should bet on numbers 10, 20 and 40 since they offer the biggest payouts. 

The Return-to-Player for Dream Catcher can range from 90.57% going all the way up to 96.6%.

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