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Casino Terms and Conditions explained

One of the most important things that you need to pay attention to when you are signing up to a casino, is not the generous casino bonus or the choice of games. Granted, they are essential as well, but the terms and conditions are one of the most critical reads you need to go through when you opt to bet with real money.

Admittedly, it’s a process that many players undoubtedly skim over as they are so lengthy. Many players get bored to tears before even getting past the first paragraph. Casinos in the UK, unfortunately, take advantage of this negligence. You need to read the T&Cs, especially when you are putting your own money on the line and to ensure that you get any winnings back into your account.

It is for this very reason that we have created this guide in a bid to encourage you to read the terms and condition of any UK online casino you are thinking of signing up with and what to look out for.

What are online casino terms and conditions?

Like most services, casinos are bound by terms and conditions. Just like when you are registering to an online shopping site, or signing up to a social media, you are presented with lengthy documents of disclaimers, which without a doubt you agreed to without going through them. Those are the terms and conditions.

In general, online casino terms and conditions, tend to detail the registration process, information pertaining to player account procedures, deposit and withdrawal methods, rules to the games, contribution percentages of a variety of games, personal and private information, prohibited activity, company information and plenty more other legal information.

Although it’s quite comprehensive and lengthy, the terms and conditions of an online casino provide you with an overall picture of how the casino works, and what is and isn’t allowed.

Why are terms and conditions in place?

Terms and conditions are a permanent legal contract between you, the user and the service provider, which in this case is the casino you are signing up to. This legally abiding contract safeguards both you and the casino in question, thus ensuring that both parties legally meet obligations.

Terms and conditions serve and guarantee both your rights as a casino player as well as the interest of the casino. Keep in mind, though, that since casinos online in the UK are businesses, their big main goal is to make a profit. This means that the terms and conditions can skew slightly towards the casinos’ favour, such as is the case with the house edge and wagering requirements.

Since you are playing with real money and making deposits, being well-aware of the details entailed in the terms and conditions is crucial to safeguard both your personal and financial information. Before proceeding ahead, you must make sure that you are comfortable when entering and processing any transactions with the casino. If you’re not happy with anything listed in this contract, either in terms of limitations on withdrawals or the wagering requirements attached to the bonus, then you are free to decline and find another new casino in the UK.

Where can I find the terms and conditions of a casino?

Finding the terms and conditions is easy enough. They are usually presented either as a link when signing up, or else you can find them in the footer of the website. Some UK casinos tend to place this critical information in the player account or else via the menu on top.

If you can’t find the terms and conditions, or somehow are unable to gain accessed to them, either get in touch with a customer support team member or if you want to play it safe, move on to another new casino in the UK.

At GambleGenie, we aim to highlight and list down the most prominent parts from the terms and conditions, such as the minimum deposit, withdrawal methods, wagering requirements, etc.

Casino Terms and Conditions: Age & Country Exclusions

Before proceeding to sign up to a British online casino, you need first to figure out if you are eligible to sign up. Many casino sites list down any possible region exclusions as well as age restrictions, outside of the terms and conditions, so you should be able to find out right away.

As a general rule, though, you need to be 18 years of age and over and resident in one of the eligible countries. If you are signing up from outside the UK, many possible advertising sign-up casino bonuses cannot be claimed due to gambling laws in your country of residence.

Casino Terms and Conditions: Personal Information

Many players would like to keep their personal information under wraps, but to process deposits or withdrawals, you will have to provide your personal information. It is required by law.

Many online casinos in the UK tend to highlight what is required, such as necessary information including your name, address, contact number and date of birth. Many casinos are increasingly asking players to send a picture of their driver’s license, a copy of their passport, utility bills or photos of the front and back of the identity card. This is relatively normal, though it might be disconcerting to send such as personal information to a casino. You must sign up to a reputable casino in the UK that is licensed by a legitimate gambling body.

These are only basic requirements, but many players still complain that they are unable to withdraw their winning as they did not want to provide a copy of their ID or Passport. All the information is listed in the terms and conditions. If you could skim through them, it could help you avoid headaches in the long run.

Casino Terms and Conditions: Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements (also known as Playthroughs) come part and parcel with casino bonuses in the UK, promotions and other rewards. The wagering requirements stipulated the number of times that a player must wager the casino bonus they are taking advantage of.

If a casino bonus has a wagering requirement of 35x, which is the standard rate, it means you would have to bet 35x your total redeemed casino bonus across available casino games before you can withdraw any bonus money.

Wagering requirements are also included in the fine print. We think they are probably one of the most important aspects when taking advantage of a casino bonus, as they can determine whether you stand a chance at withdrawing any cash winnings.

As a general rule, different games contribute differently towards wagering requirements. Games which entail an element of strategy and decision, such as is the case with UK Live Blackjack, Live Roulette, and Live Baccarat in the UK, contribute a lot less than games such as online slots, which are more games of chance. In many cases, games such as the ones found in the best UK live casinos contribute a lot less, such as in the region of 60%.

You might have to look for this information in the terms and conditions, as they are not widely publicized in the casino bonus sign-ups and offers. We hear of many stories where players strike it big and win lots of cash, from their casino bonuses, only to be disappointed as they are unable to withdraw their winnings immediately. This is why it is essential to read the terms and conditions from the start to avoid any possible complications.

From the casino’s point of view, the terms and conditions are in place to avoid bonuses being abused by players, who just sign up to use free casino bonuses and then abandon ship if they lose. After all, the casino is it to make a profit.

Casino Terms and Conditions: additional conditions

Casino bonuses that have no wagering requirements, such as is the case with no wagering casinos, come with different casino terms and conditions. The no deposit bonus offer might expire after a specific amount of time.

Casinos such as LeoVegas, clearly declare in their terms and conditions, that they have the right to remove any bonuses if they haven’t been used within a month from the date awarded. If you receive a casino bonus, be it a deposit one or not, it is always wise to use it as soon as the bonus is rewarded.

Casino Terms and Conditions: Fees

This is every player’s nightmare, but many casinos impose fees when you make a deposit or withdrawal. These are usually skimmed over in the terms and conditions, but you should know as any additional fees are taken out of the money deposited or withdrawn.

This is the kind of stuff that you need to be aware of from the very start. You can easily forget when you are thrilled of signing up to a new British casino with a lucrative welcome deposit bonus offer to feast on.

Make sure you educate yourself and make going through casino terms and conditions a priority, or you risk paying additional costs.

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